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Construction Rolls

(2 customer reviews)


A Roll, Write & Build Game!

Construction Rolls is a FREE print and play game.

All you need is some dice, and your favourite building blocks.

See if YOU can build the best tower!


In Construction Rolls, you are in a race to build a tower, organizing all roles from pre-fabrication of the tower units, to shipping and building. You’ll roll dice each turn, using them in combination with each other to make choices about your construction project. However, don’t move too fast or you may have some defects along the way that may affect your building plans or have your plans sabotaged by your competitors.


Construction Rolls is 100% free, just add the game to your cart and fill out your information to get the download files. Don’t worry, none of the information entered will be saved, it’s just part of the checkout process.

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Your goal to win is by building a tower. Points are scored by the types of units (different building bricks) in your tower, and by satisfying specific requirements from the city cards. In order to build with the units at your job site, you must manufacture them at the factory, and then ship them to the jobsite.





2 reviews for Construction Rolls

  1. Dan

    Fantastic resource management game. Had a lot of fun with it trying to decide on a good strategy for purchasing, shipping, and building. Having a physical tower to build was a nice touch and it was great to be able to use items I already had at home. Thanks for the great game!

  2. Ruthie

    Loved this game of strategy! It constantly has you “on your toes” thinking what moves you may plan to do next, even though they could change quickly. I really enjoyed playing this game and using bricks brought me back to my childhood, it’s always fun to build with them!

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