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A quick, light and competitive abstract game about aspiring floral designers.
  • A small box game you can bring with you.
  • Super easy to learn and lots of fun to play.
  • With so many variables, no two games are the same!


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The goal of the game is to score points by creating clusters of matching coloured flowers in the garden. However, you also want to strategically keep your secret objective flowers on the board for the end of the game while removing the secret objective flowers you suspect your may opponents have. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4 (optional)

Step 5

Connect your flower to a matching cluster of flowers for points. The bigger the cluster, the bigger the points.

Try and remember what colours are on the bottom of each flower. If you flip the correct one to expand your cluster, score more points!

The game ends when all spots of the Greenhouse have been filled. It is in your best interest to be the one who ends the game, as you control the final layout.

Objective Cards

Once the game is complete, all players should reveal their Objective card. Each Objective card has a set of 2 different Flowers. Keep this card secret from all other players. Your goal is to try and keep these flowers on the board for the end of the game. At the end of the game, every pair of Flowers in the Garden that match a players Objective card, gain 5 points. Position and clusters of the flowers are not important for Objective card scoring.


The Tools allow you to manipulate the gameplay to your advantage. As an optional action on your turn, you may choose to pick up or play a Tool Card. Use your Tool Cards wisely, as each Tool has a cost to use it.

Game Changers

Each Game Changer card has a game altering rule to mix up the gameplay from game to game. Both sides of a card having a similar but different rule. Choose to add as little or as many Game Changers as you’d like for each game.

Hybrid Flowers

Hybrid Flowers link the two matching clusters together for more points.

Want to learn more?

Download the and read through the RULES.

Play VIRTUALLY on Tabletop Simulator.

View it on The Game Crafter.