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vs Nature

Congratulations! You have just been selected as one of the contestants for a survival contest! You, along with others, are each going to be dropped off in the wilderness, alone, to survive with nothing but 10 items in your backpack. Can you survive the elements? Can you handle being in isolation? Will your shelter keep you warm as winter approaches? The winner is determined by whoever can stay out there the longest, before they tap out or are medically evacuated. How long can you survive?

vs Nature is a campaign game. Each game session can be played on your own terms, lasting as little or long as you would like. Once an in-game day has been completed, you can save your progress on the provided save sheets, making it super simple to pick up where you left off the next time you play.


vs Nature was designed for the Solo Duo Challenge on The Game Crafter.

Check out all the entries at The Game Crafter. We didn’t make it into the semi-finals, but it was a great learning experience. Stay tuned, as in the future we plan to release this for sale via The Game Crafter.

You can go directly to the game’s page here.


So, how does vs Nature work?

Draw and Event Card!

Draw an Event Card by rolled a D4 and a D6. The D4 will pick which pile of event cards you draw fromt, and the D6 will pick which event will happen.


Weather and Skills!

Event Cards can change the weather. Severe weather will keep you at camp. Upgrade your skills to be better at catching food!



Cut down trees to build tools and shelters. Chop firewood to keep wwarm or cook your food. Fish, forage or trap your food, or hunt an animal if you spot one.


Eat and Drink!

Eat food and drink water to keep your energy and hydration levels up. Take a break to get some stamina back


Stay Healthy!

Maintain your body weight and morale. You will be evacuated or tap out if these get too low.



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